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Thread: braxton hicks vs real contractions

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    Default braxton hicks vs real contractions

    How doens one tell the difference? Is it down to timing/frequency/length more than pain discomfort?

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    From my experience, one hurts and the other doesn't. Sorry not much help. My braxtons were annoying more than anything, and I felt "pacing" it out best to relieve them. Unfortunately it wasn't until my waters broke and the contractions came on that I truly realised the difference LOL. But be mindful of the braxtons/contractoins, in that you need to monitor them and contact the hospital or your dr if anything is strange. Good luck with the birth - it's amazing.

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    Generally speaking, Braxton Hicks are quite irregular and more of a tightening than a period 'cramp' type of feeling. They can go on for a few hours or so sometimes, so it can be terrible for getting hope up early!

    Usually contractions:

    *Get stronger with time
    *Become closer together
    *Last longer
    *Become harder to talk / walk through

    If you are able to get on with everyday life or sleep through them, it's probably Braxton Hicks or early labour. Also if eating, drinking or changing position makes them slow or stop, it's probably not active labour.
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