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Thread: Breech @ 36wks

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    Default Breech @ 36wks

    I have just had an ultrasound to confirm that the baby is in a breech position (frank breech with feet near the face in a V shape)...

    Does anyone have any advice / experience ?

    My ob suggested possibly trying to turn bubs under ultrasound - any thoughts?


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    My first was discovered to be breech also at 36 weeks. She was a footling breech with one leg sticking out and one up at her head. I read up on trying to turn the baby through ultrasound and I think the odds were about 50/50 in trying to turn the baby and that some will simply turn back. The procedure also has a small risk of putting you into labour. At the time (6 years ago)I couldn't find much literature on the subject or the information I did find seemed bias. I chose not to try this method and I elected a c section. In my case I did not want to try deliver a baby with one foot sticking out, but I understand if the babys feet are postitioned at the head you may be able to have a go at giving birth naturally as your recovery is much better with a vaginal birth. At the end of the day you need to go with what you feel comfortable with and what you think will be the best outcome for you and your baby. Good luck.

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    Have a look at the spinning babies website. I am trying to avoid another post. baby and have found it of really valuable advice.

    Good luck.

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    Try Moxibustion, accupuncture and also look at spinning babies websites for positioning!!

    An ECV done by the doctor does work for some people but can be painful.

    Good luck

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    Is there any danger to the baby if Dr manipulates baby's position?

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    I am a bit worried about the baby getting the cord wrapped around it's neck if I do the inversion poses.... Is this silly??

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    My first was breech in what sounds like the same position as yours is. I had to have xray done as I am quite small and they wanted to measure the size of my pelvis opening etc. I ended up opting for a c/s as they were not recommending a natural due to size of my pelvis and him being breech. It's something if found out earlier I may have had more time to get my head around... however I didn't so I went with the recommendation of the doc. I was about 38 wks.

    My second I had a VBAC and if it is at all possible for you I would recommend natural over c/s any day of the week for recovery time. However, if you feel that it might be traumatic to try natural with bubs in that position then I would say c/s because if you have another you won't have a bad experience in your mind if that makes sense? Have a chat to your doc and see what they say... they might even be able to do a pelvis measurement to help you make a more informed decision. I hope this helps and it works out for you without having to go down the c/s road.

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