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    HI, i am just in my 3rd tri (28weeks ) and the last few wks i have started buying items..

    Does anyone have any ideas on how much i should have for when the newborn comes home and for hosp( i know that this would have been asked before ) this is our 1st child. so far we have bought singlets, all in one suits, one cot set, and blanket, and then the bassinett items..

    Should we start getting all the other little items now, like nappies, liners, toiletries, and any thing else, as once baby comes whats the chances we will have time to get it.. does anyone have a great list of all the newborn items they had for they were prepared,, is 28w to early to be finalising all items, i just dont want to get to 30 something weeks and have to still get items.. thanks all

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    Hi Maggie
    I have already got HEAPS of stuff. Prob too much as far as clothes go.
    I just put things in my shopping trolley every week, usually whatever is on special such as bum wipes, nappy rash cream etc.
    Last night for the first time I put in a box of breast pads, a pack of maternity pads and a small huggies newborn nappies. I just figure If I buy it all gradually I wont have to do a mad rush before going to hospital.
    You should probably have at least 2 sets of cot sheets and a few blankets for the cot. Also a few blankets to wrap baby in.
    Sorry I can't help you with a list as such. Hope this helps

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    I think there is an article about this on this site somewhere. Don't spend too much on clothes as bubs will grow fairly quick. I found the "onesy" suits best for newborns and will be using just nappies and singlets with blankets this time around.....Be mindful that alot of things purchased prior to birth never get used...I would do minimal shopping and buy as you need, as you find out what suits you and bubs best.

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    I started buying things when we found out the sex at 19 weeks, so no its not too early to start. Like Sarah i buy things whenever theres a sale on..

    So far the baby stuff we have is:
    * Plenty of clothes! (0000, 000, 00).. including all in ones, socks, bonnets, singlets, shirts, pants etc.. alot of my clothes my sister gave me from my nephews who only wore them once.
    * Bibs
    * 2 boxes Newborn nappies, 1 pack Infant
    * 3 packs bum wipes (came as a 3 pack)
    * Cot (from my sister)
    * Cradle (from my sister)
    * Car Capsule (from my sister)
    * Baby Bath (sister)
    * Cot light
    * Bedding inc sheets, doonahs etc (from my sister)
    * Blankets
    * Baby wraps (from my sister)
    * Pram
    * Bouncer
    * Nappy bag
    * Baby Bottles
    * Dummies

    Theres still a few things like nappy cream, bath stuff and oils etc that ill buy as i go along and I'll probably buy the maternity pads and nursing pads a little closer to the date. I just buy as i go so that at the end of my pregnancy and once bubs arrives i wont have to go on a mad trip and buy everything, plus i wont have as much $$ when i finish work.. also saves you some $$ buying when the sales are on.

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    I started buying stuff around 20 weeks. Like most of the other girls, I buy things gradually, normally when they're on special.
    So far I've got:
    * singlets (0000, 000 & 00)
    * all in one suits (0000 & 000)
    * socks
    * bibs
    * 1/2 dozen wraps
    * 3 cotton blankets
    * 2 x cot sheet sets
    * 1 x cot quilt
    * pram
    * sheepksin for pram
    * car seat
    * cot
    * change table
    * 1 box disposable nappies (108 pack)
    * 3 doz cloth nappies & 1 box nappy liners
    * 1/2 doz pilchers
    * nappy wipes
    * bath stuff
    * Maternity pads (2 packs)
    * Breast pads

    I still need breast pump, stereliser & bottles.
    I bought a magazine called 'Shopping for Baby' which is produced once a year and they have a checklist of necessity items and optional items which I found really helpful.
    I've also been showing my mum & MIL what I've bought and getting their advice on what I might be missing. We've been given heaps of cute little outfits so far that range in sizes from 0000 to 2.

    Hope that helps

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    That Shopping For Baby magazines good, im pretty sure i got mine with the Mother To Be Bounty Bag sample bag from the hospital

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