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Thread: Castor Oil??

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    Default Castor Oil??

    Have any of you tried Castor oil or know anybody that has?? I'm considering trying it this evening?? Just wondering if it really works?? On another website i go to a couple girls have tried it and are in labor right now!!

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    i did with no 3 baby, it was the most disgusting thing i ever drunk in my life, i mixed it with orange juice, i ended up going into labour at 37 weeks, and had a 9lb bub, but i didnt go into labour right away, i had very regular BH everynight for a coulple of weeks, then when i finally went into labour, it was only 25minutes long..........not sure if it actually worked, or if it was coincidence, but i was feed up with that pregnency by 35weeks.

    good luck

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    I tried it and it is absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't do it though. The only thing that is likely to occur is bad stomach cramps and a night with your butt on the toilet.

    Also they don't really recommend that you do use it as it has been said to pass through to bubs and they can pass meconium.

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    I've also read that you shouldn't do'll end up with diarrhoea and that's about it. My friend tried it along with curry and a bumpy ride on a road but it didn't work.
    On a side note, her husband also took the castor oil as a show of support (silly man!) and when he reached the curry take-away place, he had to run straight in past the counter, to the toilets! Hehehehehe!
    Good luck, hope bubs comes soon! I hear acupuncture works wonders....and you don't feel a thing (somehow!).....

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    Yep I've heard it's a no no too.

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