thread: Chicken pox in pregnancy

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    May 2004

    Chicken pox in pregnancy

    I found out a few days ago one of DH's cousins has chicken pox. The thing i am worried about is his Aunt has been up to the house since she caught it i don't know if his Aunt has it. Also DH's other cousin her 4 kids have it also and have been around his Aunt.

    All i want to know is it harmful in the 3rd Trimester and what would happen if i caught it ?

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Michelle,

    Have you had chicken pox before? If you have then chances are you are immune anyway.

    From what I've read it won't pose any threat to bubs if you catch it in the 3rd tri. Unless you catch it a few days before giving birth, then there's a possibility of bubs getting it.


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    May 2004


    I'm not sure if i have had chicken pox or not i don't think i have.
    I would ask my dad but he would not know.

    I have my hospital appt on Friday so i will check then also.

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    Do check, because even if you have had chicken pox that doesn't immunise the baby - you might not get any symptoms, but the baby might.


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    I was exposed to my Godson when he had chicken pox with my first pg. I contacted the hospital as I was concerned about the chance of me gettting it, and the effect it would have on my baby (I had had chicken pox when I was 7). Because I had already given blood at 12wks, they had everything on file, including my immunity level to chicken pox.

    I would suggested you contact your Ob, Midwife or carer to see if you can find out similar information to put your mind a rest.



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    Jan 2005
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    I was exposed to chickenpox when I was PG from babysitting my friends kids. So off to the Dr I went as I haven't had it.
    She told me that it is not so much the virus that can cause a problem but the high temps that come with the infection that can cause problems with the baby.
    Hope that makes sense!