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    Just thought Id post quickly as this topic has just come up in our BBApril group and wow what a sensation, Im not totally for it at all but hubby is so all for it and that its going to happen etc... Hes having a month of work after baby is born and wants to have it done ASAP??? Our ob tells us its pretty mild now days since they introduced, PLASTI-BEL? is it and it just falls off??? Not too sure but I didnt think it was a big deal as we are not Muslim and looking at Female Circumcision and thought it would be a pretty standard thing.

    But its a sensational talking point and was after some more info as I dont really go around asking friends and family these questions now seems a perfect time to ask....A week before we find out the sex of our baby LOL

    BB April Group

    P.S. Absolutely no offence to Muslim religion and similar peoples, Just personal choice. My girlfriend is convert muslim and having her 6th baby hopefully a boy this time poor bugger!!!

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    Just wanted to quickly mention here girls that we are all mature adults and we can discuss circumcision in a mature and open manner... no-one is right or wrong and no-one should be made guilty for their choices as an adult and parent... oh and we'll be closely watching
    Kelly xx

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    Hi Lindie,

    my XH is a muslim but both Zaki and Shay are not circumcised. I think Muslims prefer to do it when the child is 8-12 years of age anyway, which I reckon is worse! They're both getting past that age anyway so I don't think it's going to be happening!

    My mum swears by it and my sister's boys are are both circumcised, and it's not so much that I disagree rather than I would rather avoid it if I can. If my DH said he definitely wanted it done, I guess I'd have to think about it. But it just seems unnecessary, you know? XH was circumcised and DH isn't. Is there a difference to me? Not really.

    I don't know that I contributed anything to the discussion - Lol - but yes, circumcision seems to be a touchy subject in general.


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    There was a great thread on this topic some time ago, do a search and see if you can locate it. I'm not going to add my opinion as I have already on the other thread!

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    HERE is the other thread that we had discussing circumcision...

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    Thank you soooo much for that thread, I feel sooo much better Ive had a cry to hubby about it as I now feel like a monster and he is still as determined as before and tells me to worry about it after Tuesday LOL!!! MEN.

    But what an informative thread it was quite good for a first time mum to read as it had stories and info that was helpfull. Im not a first timer but wow Ive never even thought about it? But thank you so much Ambah


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    If DH wants it done then as far as I'm concerned he can take him and deal with it.

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    I recently read a really good article about circumcision, it was not one side or the other and gave me a really good perspective on it all. I think it's such a personal thing although these days it's not as common as it use to be.

    If I was having a boy my DH would want him circumcised and although I don't think it would be something I'd find easy to do I'd still have it done. Thankfully I'm having another girl so it's something I won't have to worry about at this stage!

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    I find the whole issue quite interesting to read everyone's thoughts on it. It doesn't appear with this bub that it'll be an issue (unless she suprisingly comes out a boy! *L*).

    Growing up, I found that for older male siblings (say born late 70's, early 80s) it was just the done thing. It was definately considered to be 'better' because it helped keep their penises clean and free from infection.

    I was talking to my Mum about it the other day; she had a fairly traumatic experience when having my older brother done. He had the procedure 1 day after recommended in NSW; which in the end left my brother screaming in agony and bleeding non-stop the entire day. In fact, when Mum brought him home, he wouldn't stop crying no matter what she did. You can only imagine her dismay when she answered a knock at the door and found two policeman on her front doorstep. Apparently due to Owen's screaming, a neighbour had assumed she was beating him (or neglecting him) and had called the police. Mum explained the situation; showed them the bandaging and they apologised and left.

    Ironically, neither of my younger twin brothers have been done (they were born in '86) yet Mum still says that she believes the procedure to be good with respect to cleanliness.

    My DH has not been done; he was the youngest of three boys and his father is a GP. I believe the eldest had the procedure but both my DH's parents then felt it was not necessary for the two youngest.

    Of course, the procedure is done different today than it was when we were little. I'm just not sure I could do it personally; mostly because I couldn't handle to see my own child in any pain. If in this day and age they could convince me that it was healthier for a boy to have it done; I would consider it. I mean, we all know innoculations/vaccinations are done to help keep our children well, despite how much we know our children hate/cry from needles.

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    As I was the one asking about this in the other thread I thought I would come in and give my opinion....

    We had a really hard time deciding on this, we would swing one way, then find some more info and then swing the other way. When I went into labour 3 weeks early we still hadn't decided what we would do, but were leaning towards having it done, for all the reasons in this and the other thread.

    Of course, we had a girl so it didnt matter, not this time anyway. But as I said we were leaning towards having it done. But after having a baby and having my eyes opened to how intensely protective of them you are immediately, I have changed my view.

    I went with Emma when she had the heel Pr!ck test, and she screamed through it, and I was beside myself. I just wanted to make it all better & I couldnt. I so hate to see her in any pain at all. So with that in mind, I think I would choose not to have it done if we should have a boy next time. But I can totally understand people choosing to have it done, because I think there are strong reasons either way (and you never know, I may even change my mind between now and then!)

    Good luck with your decision!

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    We just had our boy done on Monday at 2 weeks of age. The method used is the one you were asking about, and it is done before they are 3 weeks old so no anisthetic is required. A nurse took Dylan away and bought him back 4 minutes later and he wasn't even upset - just hungry as you can't feed them before. The ring is still on there at the moment but will fall off in a couple of days and it doesn't bother him at all.

    So - if you do decide to get it done, don't stress - your baby won't feel any pain and there is very little chance of any complications if it's done by an experienced practitioner.

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    mizzsocial Guest

    I didnt get my son done. Its something i really dont feel strongly about.. plus im a wimp, there is no way id be able to see him get it done! LOL.. the needles were bad enough

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    I know that times have changed a bit from when we were growing up, but DH and I discussed this when we were pg with JellyBean... We decided that we would most probably get it done.

    My reason for my decision, is that there was only a few boys that had not had it done, when I was at high school, and all the other boys would give them hell. I guess when it comes time to locker rooms and so forth that these issues would arrise.

    Also DH has been circumsised and I wouldn't want my little boy growing up wondering why he looks different to daddy...

    I know that it is painful at the time, but so is broken bones, and falls off bikes, tripping over the steps etc. Kids don't remember it, and I feel that if it is going to be cleaner and easier to 'maintain' then why not... if it was going to scar them for life, and leave them in therapy, I would say no...

    It is a very personal choice, and one that each individual parent needs to make... but yep great topic for a discussion!

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    lindie Guest

    Thank you

    Thanks to everyone who posted it was helpfull and actually was reading an article in the latest Pregnancy and Birth Magazine and it was an impartial insight which was great.

    Yes it does seem to be a touchy subject and reading the previous thread was really helpfull so if anyone was interested it was information that was worth a read.

    Thank you to all again


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    Custardtart Guest

    For the record, my girls yelled more getting their heel*****s and needle than Max did when he was circumcised!


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    Wow Kerrie, thats amazing. at least i know now that if i do choose it it isnt any worse than the heel test. that is great!

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    I read that they use a anaestic cream which you apply 2 hours prior and lasts 4 hours after the procedure so baby doesn't feel any pain.

    I too am still uncertain but dh wants it done if we have a boy as he was done. I read that if they aren't done then they have a higher chance of getting urinary tract infections, penile cancer and other infections.

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    looloo - that was our reason for having it done - the infection issue... I haven't heard of the anisthetic cream, but our boy didn't bat an eyelid when he had his done - I don't think he felt a thing. Maybe they use the cream if they are older - the place we went to the baby must be under 3 weeks old.