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Thread: clicking/popping sound

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    Default clicking/popping sound

    Hi there,

    For the last few weeks I have been hearing a clicking/popping sound coming from bubs.. I have asked my ob about it and he has never heard about it..

    Just wondering if any other's have heard this or know what it could be??

    I am 36 weeks pregnant also...

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    Hello Ana,
    I had this with my bub too and it is most likely a joint clicking as the bubby becomes more squashed. For me, it was my sons shoulder. It also clicked for a few months after he was born. Maybe its the same with your baby too?

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    I had a similar sound last week! I have no idea what it was and it hasn't happened since. Sorry, I'm of no help, but I'm glad I'm not the only one to have had it.

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    ana130778 Guest


    thanks for the replies... always a little scary when you have no idea what it is.. and no medical explanation...

    4 weeks to go.. and then all new worries .. hahahha

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    I get that when bub has the hiccups...but I'm sure you know all about that!
    And my hips and pelvis are quite clicky too.

    All the best with your final few weeks.

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