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    Cm in last trimester


    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if their CM changed in the weeks leading up to labour.I'm definetely getting alot more of it(I know this is normal)but on wednesday when I had 2 1/2 hours of contractions that abruptly stopped, since then my CM smells like honey.(Sorry if TMI).I don't know why but it smells really sweet.I ahve been wearing panty liners but they ahve no scent and have tried wearing no panty liners and the sweet honey smell is still there.I know this is an odd thing to ask about.Is this normal?

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    mizzsocial Guest

    Its sooo normal..

    The last weeks of my pregnancy i had so much odd stuff happening to my body!

    And yes, my cm increased a lot, until i lost my mucus plug!

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    This past week I hve noticed that I have a hell of alot more CM than usual too!! I was wondering the same thing, if it is a lead up to the plug coming out or something? Its a bit early for me to go into labour but you never know and i have had some contractions on and off over the past week too. I just get one or two a few minutes apart and then they go away untill the next day.
    It must be our bodies getting ready for it all I suppose?