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Thread: Is this CM or possible plug loss? (TMI)

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    Default Is this CM or possible plug loss? (TMI)

    Hi there,


    I have an antenatal appointment this afternoon, but thought I would get advice from ladies who know more of what they are talking about than the doctors do

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have noticed the increase in cervical mucus (which is a creamy colour), but have also noticed a few times a day there is a small amount of white jelly-like discharge there as well. I use a panty liner, so can see the difference quite clearly. I was wondering if this is also just another type of cervical mucus or could it be the plug coming apart?

    With my first born, I never saw the plug, but when my waters broke - that was how I knew I was in labour - there were small jelly bits tinged with blood that I thought might have been part of it. This time it looks a bit like that (same consistency) but no blood.

    I have been having contractions since 26 weeks...there is still some dispute as to whether they are BH with the docs...I had the same with my firstborn and he was born at 39 weeks. I have also noticed and increase in swelling of the feet, hands and face...normal blood presure....but also had a headache for the last three days. I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac

    What are everyone's thoughts? Cervical mucus or plug?


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    I was the same with my last two, and i'm sure it was a little plug. When i did have a show, there wasn't much left. You can loose your plug slowly over weeks. My last two were also overdue, so not a good indication of early labour!! I think I read somewhere your plug can replenish it self slowly too, to help with infections etc... not too sure though...

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    Well, sometimes I really dislike doctors!

    I had to see a different doctor as mine is on holidays at the moment. Boy was she condecending! I told her about the two different discharges and not only was she completely uninterested in discussing it with me, but she told me and I quote "It is too early to be the plug" When I tried to press her on it and asked her what it might be, she danced around the issue and finally said that she "supposed" it might just be another cervical mucus. She didn't see it, didn't ask anything else about it...guess she must have ESP or something!

    Too early for the plug? From some of the things I have read on this site, some ladies have lost their's as early as 25 weeks. I asked if she could do an internal to see if anything is happening and she refused. Said it was too risky as it might bring on labour.

    So now I'm still not sure what this is and now feel quite upset about her dismissal. Why is it that some people in the Medical Profession seem to have absolutely no compassion? This doctor was more interested in pushing a particular brand of pregnancy multivitamin on me (this is the second time I have been forced to see her and she pushed it last time too).

    So I guess I remain in the dark and just hope that nothing is going on.

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    Sorry to hear you didn't have a good appt this arv! Some docs just have no bedside manner. Grrr.
    Anyway, I'm not sure if it is just CM or a show that youre having, but I will tell you what my friend's doc said - she had a similar thing, and he said that in the last weeks it's common to have increased CM and it can even get quite watery toward the end! So either way, you're in the home stretch
    All the best for the rest of your pregnancy darl

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