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    Hi Ladies

    Here I`m thinking I`m going to get away without any constipation during pregnancy, but here I am at 37.5 weeks pregnant with the symptom. Okay ladies could you let me know what worked for you to relieve this problem. I don`t go back to my OB until Wednesday so will let him know then.

    Take Care


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    Hey Deeanne,

    There are a couple of threads on constipation during pg HERE and HERE.

    Hope you're able to find something in them that helps!! Good luck!

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    Jan 2005

    I have found cammomile tea (either drunk or in bath water) helps somewhat, and flaxseed oil on my bran for breakfast

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    Thanks Angel for those threads, I`ll take a look at them.

    Rachel - thank you for your tip, sounds like it`s worth a go.

    Take Care


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    Drink water like its going out of fashion!!! I try to get through abot 3L a day, and I haven't had any constipation for weeks. In fact - at the moment the body is going quite the other way. I'm a very efficient waste machine the last couple of weeks!
    Fi 8-[

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    LOL Fi I was like that during my last two weeks too...I also drank around 2L of water a day as a minimum and ate fruit or apple sauce like crazy!

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    Warning : Possibly TMI for the squeamish

    I'm not pregnant but consider myself a bit of an expert on constipation (well, everyone has to have something they're good at).

    I have problems with it in the latter stages of my menstrual cycle, irrespective of the fact that I eat a diet rich in fibre, exercise and drink plenty of water. I think I'm just bloody lucky really.

    What I've found that works like a charm and is completely harmless is psyllium husk. It is not absorbed by the body. About a teaspoonful in a glass of orange juice each morning should see you right. Just a warning, it might take a couple of days to work but it really makes life a lot easier. I take it every day. It can be found in supermarkets and is not expensive.

    Hope you get some relief soon!

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    i have been taking slippery elm for heart burn and can vouch that it is also VERY good at helping with the odd hard stool

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    After I had DD the nurses asked if I had had a bowel movement yet, as I had internal stitches etc, I hadn't & so they suggested passionfruit, as it really get's you going, I am a huge lover of passionfruit but refuse to pay almost $1 per fruit, so I got some from a friend, but they have since cut doiwn their trees & we planted some but those damned possums keep eating them so I have nothing!!!

    Anyways try them...
    I also believe Metamucil which is that Psyllium husk stuff is good for preg women!

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    I've found apples are the one fresh fruit that really help to prevent constipation for me. I've found them to be amazing. I was suffering quite badly from constipation - and had even resorted to drinking prune juice (looks like liquid vegemite!) and my Ob told me to eat 1-2 apples a day. I followed his advice and within 2 days everything was back to normal. Soo much nicer to eat an apple or 2 a day than drink prune juice and eats prunes!

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    I go for the psylium husks too and just sprinkle some on my cereal! I get it in the health food aisle at woollies.