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Thread: Is this a contraction?

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    Default Is this a contraction?

    All day today, I've felt this pain come and go at the top of my uterus. It starts right at the top, and by the end of the feeling, it's moved down the front/sides of my stomach. I can some times feel my belly go hard, but i'm fluffy and some times it's hard to tell, esp. if I'm in the wrong position.

    I've been peeing like a crazy lady today, with tons more pressure below than yesterday at my OB appointment.

    The pains are regular, or getting stronger - they're just annoying but definately noticeable. Are they real contractions, or just painful BH's?


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    I've been getting that as well...I have a feeling they're just bh but just mighty annoying ones!! Hopefully they're doing something to our cervix though!!

    Sorry I'm not much more help! Good luck!

    How far along are you?

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    i'v had the same thing been excited twice now, gone to hospital only to find out it wasnt the real thing, and my midwife told me that if you can talk through the pain, then labour hasnt begun, once the contractions are to painful to even have a conversation through and are coming every 5 minutes then your in labour.

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    thanks girls
    I'm 33 wks - I kinda figured they were BH's, but I hadn't had ones start at the top of my uterus before so i thought I'd ask. Glad to know that I'm not the only one feeling them.

    I'm having a section May 24th - so no labour for me, unless I go early

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    Hi Jess
    I think its BH However if you a peeing like crazy then they are doing some good work. It sounds like your baby is moving deeper into your pelvis

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    Really Alan? thanks! the last two days I've felt like the baby's much lower, the pain when I walk, or turn the wrong way is indescrible (sp?)

    They've stopped, btw. I havent felt any more since yesterday.

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