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Thread: Could this be what I think it is??

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    Akeesha Guest

    Default Could this be what I think it is??

    I wonder if this was my show or the beginnings of it anyway??

    It's a bit tmi but DD and I went shopping earlier as I felt like being active. We were almost done and were heading out and all of a sudden i felt like something came out of me. Like a blob or something and I felt wet. I waited til I got home to check it (all the while making dd check to see if it looked like I had wet myself lol). When I got home there was a huge wet spot in my knickers and a big blob of mucous. I have sometimes got mucousy dishcarge but it never happens like that and only now and then when I wipe. And its usually white and globby. This one was more like an egg yolk type texture and stringy. I dont know what it is..but it filled my knickers and was there when I wiped as well. Kind of a clear to pale yellowy colour. I dont know that it is my show..but maybe it is?? I know the show doesnt have to be bloody or pink/brown it can sometimes be another colour. It's just a bit confusing. I will wait and see if anything else happens but I do feel good like things might actually be moving. It was definitely a different type of discharge to what I have had throughout the entire pg. I have been to the toilet Since and it is still there. On first wipe it is stringy and a bit globby and upon more wipes just looks wet.

    Could it be my show?



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    It might be, Lisa.

    Sorry i don't have a more definite answer than that, but as you know your show can be a 'variety' IYKWIM of colours.

    Keep us posted! Could be the beginning of something exciting!

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    It sounds like it could be, with my DS2 it was something similar to what you are describing. So good luck hopefully you will be holding your bubba soon.

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    Maybe the s&s did work after all? Good Luck!!

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    Sounds promising - sometimes there can be a surge of progesterone leading to extra mucus, but it's not usually stringy - sounds more like a show. Good luck!!!!
    Kelly xx

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    Akeesha Guest


    Thanks guys,

    Ok so there is still more there when I wipe.

    It's very stretchy and stringy and taking on more of a yellowy consistency than clear now. Definitely not like the boring white stuff I am used to. This stuff is like mucous whereas the other stuff I get every other day is just more discharge.

    Hope things arent far off but we will see what happens at the ob tomorrow too!! If I make it lol..which I hope I dont!!

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Definitley sounds like it could be, Lisa.

    Good luck, I hope things start progressing now for you.

    ~labour vibes~

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    jelliebean Guest


    gee what u r describing sounds a lot like what i have been experiencing lately.... :-k

    Mine was related to thrush though.....

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