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Thread: Cramping @ night ??

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    Question Cramping @ night ??

    Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing any cramping - at night especially? Every night now for the past 4/5 days each time I've woken I've had cramping in my lower tummy. Could it be just the way Im lying? When I'm up & about I hardly feel anything at all other than the BH's.


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    maybe its just because you are at rest so you can feel it more?? I would only get cramping at night if I had done too much that day, its like your body is trying to tell you to slow down...

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    Yes I get really bad cramping in my lower side (mainly the left) while sleeping, I can not move I am in that much pain. It happens nearly every night and doesn't matter what side I am lying on. I do get the occasional cramp in the same side while walking around the shops.

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