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Thread: diarrhoea in 3rd trimester?

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    Renaee Guest

    Default diarrhoea in 3rd trimester?

    Hi all,

    I have not posted for quite a while, but today my so-far smooth transition into 3rd trimester has been interrupted by a bout of diarrhoea, fever, and stomach pains. It feels like I have eaten too many green under-ripe apples or something, and last night could not sleep with shivering.

    Feeling better today in comparison, but still diarrhoea and stomach pain, but no temperature.

    I had a busy week and a couple of days maybe ate a bit more dairy than usual, wondering if it is just stress and diet related?

    At 33 weeks I am finishing work for good this friday, so looking forward to being able to relax at home and focus on my health.

    Wondering if anyone else has had diarrhoea this late in pregnancy ?(I had it with MS in 1st trim).

    Thanks - Renaee.

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    The fever and shivering would make me think you had a virus.
    I got a tummy virus at 34 weeks and ended up in hospital for a drip so make sure you keep your fluids up.

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    Renaee Guest


    Thanks Flea,

    last night no temperature or shivers, but did wake up at one stage covered in sweat again? I am going to call the birth centre today, as I don't think these adominal pains and later diarrhoea can be normal. The pain builds up until just before I go to the loo, then I get some releif, but if I eat again, it will gradually build up again.

    I really hope this is not just my reaction to the increased hormone levels of 3rd trim - will make for a very trying next few weeks thats for sure.

    ta - renaee.

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    Hi Renaee, I have had the odd tummy upset but not continuously like you have been suffering. I think it's a good idea to phone your birth centre in case you have a bug. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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    Renaee Guest


    I decided to do just that - called the birth centre this morning and they advised me to go into emergency at Royal womens to see a doctor.

    she confirmed that it was gastro and gave me intravenous fluids and advised a few days rest, to drink heaps ect.

    baby is doing well though which is the main thing, so glad that it is something that will pass and not what I have to look forward to for next 6-8 weeks

    So lesson learned, it is always good to get diarrhoea treated asap.

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    Renaee :hugs: hope you are feeling better.
    I had the most awful bout of Roto Virus gastro about 6 weeks before Caleb was due. It put myself and DH in bed for nearly 2 days. I almost had to be put on a drip but thankfully I was able to hold down fluids in time to prevent it.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery

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    Hope your feeling better soon Renaee

    Goodluck for the rest of your pregnancy...

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    i have just been thru the worst virus of my life.... diarrea and constant vomiting and not even able to keep water down, and it lasted all through the night, i was crawling on all fours... ended up in hospital on a drip and anti nausea medication which soon did the job.... also my blood pressure was down to 80/30.... had really bad twisting stomach pains too, but digestive, not period-ish, so they didnt seem too worried.... i hope bubs is okay, he/she was moving alot so i wasn't too worried, but haven't felt too much this morning which is worrying... but im probably worrying for nothing.

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