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Thread: diff bet increased discharge and waters leaking?

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    Percy Guest

    Default diff bet increased discharge and waters leaking?

    Sorry poss tmi!

    This morning I woke up and have realised I have a lot more discharge then what I normally have. How do I know this is just discharge and not my waters leaking?

    I have rung my midwife but had to leave a message Hope she listens to her messages soon!!!

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    Hi Percy,
    your waters smell like seamen, did it smell like that? How far are you your ticker not showing....
    I hope she rings you back soon

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    Percy Guest


    Thanks scorpio mum - I'm 37w3d - due Feb 10. Don't know whats wrong with my ticker!

    midwife called back - she was delivering a baby! - she said to have a shower and a lie down and see if anything happened. Which it didn't so am guessing I just had a "wet" night - typical at my stage apparently!!

    Plus becuase the baby is moving around a fair bit still she doesn't think its early labour - pooper!!! Oh well I see her tomorrow for my usual weekly check so hopefully nothing will happen before then - plus I really need to get my hair done and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon!!!

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