thread: Differences in blood pressure

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    Differences in blood pressure

    My bp is usually very consistent at 120/70. At my 29 week appt it was at 140/60 and I was told that was fine. Then at my appt this morning ( and I didn't notice this till I read my sheet when I got home so couldn't ask) it was 100/70. I know it often goes higher later in preg, but why would mine have gone down? It's obviously still ok or they would have said somehting, I'm just curious really...

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    Hi there

    Can't really answer your question - but i wish it was me....I've got high blood pressure - next Wednesday is my "D" day where i have my 19 week scan to see if the baby is growing at the right rate and then i meet with the specialist after that [-o<

    Like you said if it was any real concern they would have brought it to your attention - Good Luck anyway

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    Possibly the reason it is fluctuating is because your body is going through massive changes in the way it operates as the baby grows? Your body has now become a life-support system for the baby, and will go through different phases and reactions as the baby's needs change, so there's no reason to expect that ANYTHING will remain static! The baby has growth spurts and rests, so you might be seeing a response to that, or any other number of different factors. Remember to ask about it in detail next time if you are curious.

    As far as it being a concern, it's the diastolic (second) number that they focus on as being a danger point, and yours has remained pretty low, so I wouldn't worry unless that starts to spike over 90.


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    yep, mine has been, so far:

    110/75, 120/80, 125/70, 130/70 and today was 135/90

    The midwife did a urine test to check for protien, because the bottom number was 90 - test was clear so yay.

    She said if the bottom number is 90 or above they'll test for protein to check if its pre-eclampsia or not.

    She also said it can go up and down, stay up etc, its only if it goes really high or is combined with the protein that they get concerned.