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Thread: discharge question @ 32weeks (TMI)

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    dl Guest

    Default discharge question @ 32weeks (TMI)

    I'm currently 32 weeks and whilst I know I should be expecting more discharge, can someone tell me what type/consistency the discharge should be?

    Sorry if TMI..whilst I've got some whitish discharge, i've also got very liquidity and quite transparent discharge. I can't use liners on a daily basis(irritation problems), and the liquid soaks thru my undies. I'm wondering if that's normal...or if I'm leaking amniotic fluid.

    Also, I just saw my ob last thursday, and whilst I didn't tell her about my concern, she did an ultrasound and didn't say anything. Would an ultrasound pick up an amniotic fluid leak?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    I think that discharge does increase a bit in the last trimester. It can be the mucus plug or just increased CM.
    If you smell it, amniotic fluid has a sweetish and fairly distinctive smell (some say its a bit like semen).
    There is a test they can do fairly quickly at the hospital to check if its aminiotic fluid or not so maybe you could ring up and arrnge to get it checked if you're worried.
    I think a scan would reveal if your levels of amniotic fluid were too low but maybe not show a rupture in the membrane.
    If you can't use normal liners have you considered using cloth sanitary products? There is athread about them here. It might save you from having to wear damp nickers.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I can't help you with knowing whether or not it's an amnio leak but I was quite often wet down there and got quite irritated too because of liners, it even got to the point where undies did it too and I had to change quite a few times most days. So it seems like it is normal (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the only time when it can become and issue is if it's coloured or it smells bad and funky, this could mean that you have an infection and you should seek medical advice. But otherwise I'm pretty sure what you've described is normal.

    Hopefully someone can answer your amnio question

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    mizzsocial Guest


    I was going to post something like this..

    I too have noticed a increase in CM, and sometimes i run to the bathroom feeling like im leaking, and have to change my underwear..
    Looking back in my pregnancy diary from when i was preggo with my son, i had this issue too..

    The u/s would have picked up if your fluid was low and they defiently would have told you, so i dont think you have anything to worry about..

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    Bec Guest


    I have the discharge you are talking about and I have to wear liners all the time. I have noticed that it does smelll sweet.

    Last week I had my last u/s and they recon there is lots of amniotic fluid, so that must not be a problem.

    I find it annoying, cos I have to keep chaning the liner, mine is a sorta yellow colour and I have had it the whole way through. My Ob has asked but I always tell him I dont have any as at first I was reallly embarssed b it cos I thought I was the only one and it is really gross.


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