thread: Discharge (sorry if TMI!)

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    Nov 2004

    Discharge (sorry if TMI!)

    For the last few weeks, I have been having lots of vaginal discharge. It's clear (not white, green or yellow) so apparently it's "normal". I find I have to change underwear a couple of times per day (or wear pantyliners, which I HATE so prefer to change the undies!)

    The only real problem is that it's very acidic, and so I've got really painful inner thighs, and the sides of where my undies end (you know the bit between your leg and your vagina) are chafing.

    I've spoken to my ob about it and he says it does happen, but doesn't have any solutions. It's not anything like thrush, it's just the "change in hormones" causing the discharge.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do?

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    Hey Div,

    It's often a surge in progesterone late in pregnancy that does this, from memory, and I know many women who will use pantyliners or pads to help.
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    Nov 2004

    hey does that mean labour is soon!?!?!?

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    Hey Divvy

    I've got the same thing.I actually thought my waters may have been trickling out at one point as there was so much of it!I have to wear pantyliners, even though I hate wearing them to!(i'm a tampon girl)But figured I better get used to wearing pads now!My doc said it was hormone levels rising like Kelly said.

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    Oh hun I no a way 2 stop that?

    HAVE THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!Not funny I no but I tried! luv ya xxxx O

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    Divvy - I have had the same thing in the past week and like you(even though it's a touch early for me) I am hoping that it means that the time is coming closer.
    I am wearing panty liners, which arent to bad actually. I find that its almost as though I am sweating lots there too. I smell acidic down there too I have to add.

    I hope that it is a sign of your birth coming up soon!

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    Cindy - I was sweating a lot down there too! It would actually make me feel really dirty and yucky, and even itchy at times! I was thinking that perhaps I had thrush coming on, but there the discharge was very much like what has been described here, there was no offensive odour and plus, the itchiness was more at the top of my legs as opposed to my bits and pieces! The OB said it was totally normal. I too had to wear liners all the time and haaaated it!

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    Nov 2004

    *wipes forehead* so I'm NORMAL! Woohoo!

    *trundles (actually waddles) towards the supermarket to buy some bl&*dy pantyliners*

    Thanks guys! It's great to know I'm not alone (or stupid or wierd or something!)

    And Nadia.... I'd LOVE to have this baby now!