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Thread: Does anyone have SPD? It Hurts!!!!

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    Glad it is helping already! you will have nice strong PFM's by the end of this pg if you are always doing them so get clenching i use BB as a reminder to do them

    give yourself a break from the belt regularly to allow you to be comfortable, but use it whenever you need it and then some, only take it of if you are really uncofortable and overnight.

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    hi guys,

    just thought id let everybody know that im going to the physio next wednesday, my midwive booked me in. Thanks for the advice i hope it will ease the pain

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    Hi Guys

    I had pelvic instability during my first pregnancy. And despite numerous people telling me to see a physio, I just put the aches and pains down to 'normal pregnancy pain'. In fact it was not. During my labour the pain was excruciating. And now, 16 months after birth i am still experiencing quite severe pelvic instability and have been seeing phsyios ever since.

    My advice is see someone straight away! And not just any physio, make sure it is someone who specialises in pelvises. I wasted months with a physio who didn't do much to help me at all but have recently found one who is fantastic. I then had to have cortisone injections to try and stop the pain - which were horrifically painful and did nothing to ease the pain!

    I have been told that the pain will probably be the same, if not worse during my second pregnancy so it is so important to keep the exercises going after birth to strengthen all the muscles around the joints. I don't know all the names of the muscles, but you need to exercise your pelvic floor, gluts, deep abdominals and there are two little muscles around your sacral joints that need strengthening too.

    It may be interesting to note, that my pelvic instability was especially bad after the birth, until I stopped breast feeding when my son was 9 months old. The pain reduced significantly at this time, though it still gets pretty bad around my AF each month.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    I have experienced considerable pain and discomfort from SPD. For me it started around 30 weeks or so and just got progressively and steadily worse. At its worst, I seriously could not walk. I was sure I would end up in a wheelchair by the end!

    But, I got some great help from my chiro. The first time he adjusted my pelvis and that helped a bit, but not heaps. Then the second time he did something where he untwisted a ligament at the back of my pelvis. It was super gentle- so much so that I was like "yeah right, as if this is going to help!". But it did! I still get the pain, but it is not debilitating now and quite bearable.

    I still need to sit down on the bed to put on my pants and socks, and try to move my legs together. Rolling over in bed feels the worst.

    One thing, when I did realise what was going on, I did quite a bit of SPD research and I found that you do need to be careful about the positions you birth in when you have SPD. Because the area is already stretched, it can be easier to cause permanent damage. Apparently, you need to make sure you dont spread your legs too wide (like, avoid stirrups), and try different positions like on all fours or on your side.

    Good luck to all fellow SPD sufferers!!

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