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    Oct 2003
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    I have had the weirdest dreams four mornings in a row where I wake up and then fall back asleep and the dream continues! I thought I'd check how everyone elses dream status is going??

    These are such full on dreams that I am awake afterwards and out of bed way to early for my usual sleep.... and I've had opportunity for the past four mornings to sleep in! UGH!

    ANyway...how are your dreams going?? I've been told that this is normal for being PG in this trimester.... I hope so anyway....


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    Jun 2003

    OMG this takes me back! I had severe nightmares when I was pregnant with Paris, they were really really bad. I was put on Sleeping tablets (ones safe during pg) because the Dr was really worried coz I wasn't sleeping. They only last for about 2-3 weeks but it was horrible. I think its because I was reaaaaaally uncomfortable and I tend to dream weird/horrible stuff when I am uncomfortable in sleep.

    *sorry to butt in your forum LOL*


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    May 2003
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    When I was first pg, our lovely lovely cat, Aris, went missing, and has never returned. I was really sad, & still miss him, but in my 2nd trimester, I am not kidding when I say I dreamt about him EVERY night.

    DH would have to wake me from my nightmares about the cat, and other dreams were just as sad, as I could hear him "meowing" all the time.

    I mentioned it to the midwife, and she said it was my mothering instinct combined with guilt at losing the cat, all wound up in pregnancy hormones: a ****tail for dramatic dream patterns..............

    (They have stopped now, and the only thing I dream of is a decent, comfy night's sleep without 4 trips to the loo!)

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    Never fear,
    in my 17th week i dreamt a horrible dream that I gave birth and I won't go on, then the week later I dreamt I gave birth to a big lizard. So yes I believe it is common, your subconcious playing with you. My friend also told me she dreamt she gave birth to kittens! very strange.

    So here's to happy dreams.



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    Jen Schuster Guest

    I am so glad this post is here, I was starting to think I was going a little crazy!
    I havent had nightmares since I was a little girl but for the last week I have been dreaming horrible dreams about people I know cutting me up and I dont like it! [-( DH thinks I am just scared that I will need to have a C section
    All my dreams have been so vivid and clear since I have been pregnant - I decided to keep a dream journal. Besides the last week it is amazing for me to go back and read them.
    Anyway hope that you all get to sleep soon and have wonderful happy dreams

    Love Jen

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    This is a good site if you want to have a look at interpreting your dreams etc...........


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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hi Lucy

    Thanks for the Info. I Have been to this site before and read some of Leons books - Its a great site :-)



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    Nov 2004

    I had a dream the other night that my baby was born and I didn't have anything for it. We had to go and buy nappies and everything else.

    Has anyone had any weird dreams while pregnant?

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    Apr 2003
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    When I was pregnant with Cairenn (DD), I kept dreaming that the baby was dressed in blue but we were calling it "she"! Also, I remember the birth in the dream - she was born with blue eyes, blonde hair and we changed the name that we had chosen. When I actually had that dream, I had no idea that I was pregnant and we did indeed change our name we had picked for a girl baby!!

    I also dream alot about my sister when I am pregnant - and telling her what I really think of her! They actually become quite disturbing but stop after my babies are born (thank goodness!).

    Best wishes

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    Feb 2004

    I dreamt last night that Tanya (tajemi) had her baby at home, in her bed under the covers!! Funny thing was, she was at home having contractions at the time.....

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    I didn't really dream much before I was pregnant (not many that I remembered anyway) but since being pg I have vivid dreams all the time. This morning in fact after getting up and having a shower I was remembering the dream I'd had overnight and I starting bawling my eyes out crying! I had dreamt that I wouldn't let DH into the delivery room when I was giving birth and after 'she' (it was a girl, I don't know what we are having) was born I told DH she was all mine and I wouldn't let him see her. It really upset me that I would do something like that, even in a dream! He was so sad...


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    jay-b Guest

    I've been having these weird dreams about, me lieing on my back and my babies arms and legs are sticking out of my tummy and they are translucent, and as soon as i go to touch them they get sucked back into my belly just like a sea anenome. I believe it's letting me know that as much as i want to have my baby, he/she is letting me know that they aren't ready to come out yet, and that i need to wait just a little while longer, which is unbearable as my DP will tell you i am the most impatient, stubborn person quite possibly in the world #-o

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    Melody Guest

    I am SO glad I am not alone in this....

    I have been having amazingly weird dreams. Last week I dreamt that I was advised to breast feed my cat before the birth to 'condition' my milk??

    Picture if you will the most snobbish & self-involved cat in the world & then imagine me chasing her around the house, leaky boob in hand, trying to get her to latch on.

    It was almost traumatic! In the dream of course it was perfectly normal though. This is one of many bizzare dreams I have been having.

    nb. I have also had a really high incident of seductive & pleasurable dreams involving really good looking men (one of which was a silky Jude Law) so that is an upside to the cat/breast feeding incident =P~

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    Nov 2003

    i keep dreaming latley about giving birth, as in i have given birth etc, and joshua is always there too, i have had a few nightmares about still birth etc now too ..

    take care

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    Jul 2004

    Jay-b, i had a dream like that when i was pg with DD. But i was holding her hands through my belly. When i woke up i felt more of a bond with her. It was amazing.

    I have just recently bought a book about dreaming. It says that you can control your dreaming, called Lucid dreaming. Kinda like a hypnosis maybe? Haven't read much of it yet. But apparently you can do such things in your dreams like fly, make something appear or disappear. Make yourself do something or not do something etc. It's really neat.

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    Nov 2004

    I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a boy (20wk scan clearly showed a girl). I kept trying to breastfeed him but my milk wasn't there and he didn't want to feed.

    I hope this is not an indication of things to come as I really want to breastfeed.

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    Jan 2005
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    A couple of weeks ago I dreamed that I had the baby at the hospital, but the midwives had done something to make me mad, so we left immediately after the birth. Then when I got home I unwrapped the baby from this blanket and saw the name tag on the blanket was for someone else, so we checked the wristband and it wasnt our baby! So we went back and got our baby and teh feeling of relief was huge, and teh baby was so perfect (and a girl, we dont know the sex as yet). Then last night I dreamed I had twins (ultrasound shows one baby) but they were not born at the same time, one was born a few hours after the other, when I was visiting my mum to show her the first baby! In that dream I had a boy then a girl.

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    davvie Guest

    I know that all of us preggo chicks are having crazy dreams but is anyones husbands/partners having psycho dreams also? Im only 15wks but hubby has been having weird dreams for the last month!

    I was certain I was having a boy (finding out from scan on 18th April) but EVERY dream I have had, the baby has been a girl. The first dream I remember looking at my baby I had just delivered and I was confused that the baby was a SHE, not a HE, I wasnt fussed at all, just surprised.

    Now nearly every night I dream my baby is a little girl!

    Hubby really wants a little girl, he wants a daddy's little princess! He he, probably so that they can gang up on mum (me)!! hehehe

    I hope the crazy dreams subside for everyone, especially the horrible ones where things go wrong and it feels like real life.

    As if we dont have enough to deal with let alone mental dreams! heheheh