thread: Driving me insane!!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004

    Driving me insane!!!!

    I spent 2 nights in hospital again last week because i have been getting what i thought were braxton hicks for over a week now. I get really bad period cramps with them and lower back pain. The doctors said that they aren't BH, but think i am having premature labour, but because it's not progressing i could go home. They gave me the steroid shots for baby's lungs and tablets to stop the contractions, but they didn't work. I am still having them, every 5 - 10 mins and they really take my breath away now. I get all tight in the chest and feel like all the blood is rushing to my head. Did anyone else experience anything like this? Am i really in labour? Because if i am, i wish it would hurry up! They did a scan to check bub and at 33.5 weeks she was already 5pound6, so at least i know she is healthy. The doctors have just warned me to not go far from home without my labor bags and go straight to hosp if i have my show or baby stops moving or the contractions get worse. By the way, they also did an internal and nothing is happening down there. If anyone went through something similar i'd love to hear it, or any ideas on how to get things moving!

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    Hope things are better today Mel, but agree with Jillian that you should go straight back to the hospital if anything happens.