thread: Driving while pg for short people

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    Nov 2004

    Driving while pg for short people

    I am 5'3" and my belly is touching the steering wheel already. I have moved the seat forward and the back of the seat back but it is only going to get more difficult with my growing belly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to position the seat and still reach the pedals to drive with a belly?

    Or am I the only short BB member?

    This may have been posted before but there are so many pages to check in the search function.


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    I am only that as well, but my belly always fitted behind the steering wheel as it never got huge 8-[


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    Jul 2004

    I'm only 5'2 and I had a lot of difficulty driving coz my belly was in the road. I couldnt move the seat back coz then i couldnt reach the pedels and couldn't recline it a bit coz then couldnt see over the steering wheel! In the end(around 36 weeks) I just gave up and only drove when i really really needed to.

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    im even shorter, 5'2 and i only have 3 months to go.
    So far it hasnt been a problem its just getting in and out. i know lager people ie by brother and sister in law have a lot of trouble its basically chair wound back and arms streched- however not that easiy if you are short.

    I have known pregnant women who have had to give up driving becuase they couldnt fit comfortably anymore as a driver, again different cars are going to offer you positve and negative benifits!

    my only suggestion is to wind your seat back and if you need to put a cusion behind you, unless your car offers adjustments?

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    Aug 2004

    i am starting to get that problem too, i am bout 5'2, i noticed my belly touching the steering wheel yesterday. i have a small car though, so i can still go back a bit and be able to reach the pedals

    comodores etc are good because you can tilt the seat so your legs so your legs go down hill and makes it really easy to reach

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    Nov 2004

    oh um blocks of wood tied to your feet??

    No seriously, I'm 5' 3", so I have the same problem, only I have it normally because I'm seriously overweight.

    I didn't get really big with Alex and stopped driving at 30 weeks (after being hospitalised) so I'm sorry, I can't really help.

    If you don't feel safe to drive, then don't drive. I know this can make things really difficult, but your safety (and bubbas) is the most important thing.

    Best wishes and I hope someone solves your problem!

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    I think it all depends on the kind of car you drive too...I'm 5'3ish and I have a pretty huge tummy for this stage in pg...but like Min's car, I drive a Subaru forester that has an adjustment on the seat so I can tilt it to make it easier to reach the pedals. I know that I'd be having great difficulty in my old Ford Festiva right about now!

    I do worry about airbags though. They're pretty close to the baby in my current car...

    I'm actually having more difficulty fitting under my desk at work these days! 8-[

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    Does your steering wheel tilt at all ?? ours does in our car and you can lift it up or down.


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    Aug 2004
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    I`m 5'7 so I don`t have this problem but I`m getting extremely uncomfortable in the car (we have a 2 yr old Calais with the latest in reclining seats/back support etc and I`m still uncomfy) but then I`m getting uncomforable in a chair so at the moment I`m being lazy and DH is driving me everywhere.

    Take Care


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    Oct 2003
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    If I was going far I stuck a cushion under my bum because I had severe hip pain for a while there.... but I'm tall and didn't get too big either so I didn't have a problem fitting in the car, just with the sore bum factor.

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    Nov 2003

    iam only 5'1 if that.. i dont have my proper license but i do have difficulty getting an dand out of the car when going for a lesson, but thats usally fixed by getting the seat back.

    my mums steering wheel tilts , dunno if ours does

    take care

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    May 2004

    Hi Gemma,

    I am shorter than you i am only 4ft 11in and have been worrying about how i am going to drive when i get even bigger. When pg with Kimberley i did not get to big plus she was born before 36 weeks.

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    Nov 2003
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    Reading through I was startiing to think I was the smallest one here, but I am 4ft 11 1/2 inches (need to count that half). So Michelle you and I could almost be twins size wise, LOL.

    My belly never quite touched the steering wheel with any of my pg's. My cousin actually couldn't drive for the last 2 months of her pg as her belly touched and she is also about 5ft 3, so maybe there will be a time when you can no longer drive.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Nov 2004

    Thanks everyone for the info.

    I lifted the steering wheel which helped. I might just have to drive DH's 4WD as there is more room in that.


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    Jan 2005
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    I am only 5'4 I hope I don't get to big to drive... I love driving, for me there is nothing better tha to just get my lil buzzer out and go for a whurl round town to relax, might need to do it more later on...