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    Hi, i went for my obs check up yest, and my obs said that i have angaged, he then showed me on the scan machine, the head face down in the pelvic cavity, i am 35 half weeks, he said labour could be like 2-4weeks away, so bubsc ould come before the 40weeks, we are so excited

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    Thats great Maggie. Its always exciting when things start happening! Good luck.

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    very exciting!! but just wanted to let you know that owen dropped at 31 weeks and evryone was so sure that i would go early(even my ob)but i ended up being induced for medical reasons on my due date....sorry if i put a dampener on your excitement but i got so sick of being told def this week for sure by my ob..only to be back again the following week!!
    either way, the end is in sight!!good luck!!

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    My bubs has been engaged since 35 weeks, and I'm still waiting. OB said last week last she's well on her way, so it should be soon though. Hoping you don't have to wait too long, keep active and hopefully bub will come!

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    LOL they like to come in their own sweet time don't they as much as we try to guess, they have ideas of their own. Matilda was engaged at 36 weeks, disengaged at 40 weeks and was born at 42+3 days

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