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    I have been cramping, mild contractions and very hungry since wed. night. the midwife advised i was in early labour and could expect to be holding baby by friday. well its sunday and i am still cramping and mild contracts and eating more. I was checked out at the hospital last night and told i was still in early labour and had not started to dialate. How long is this going to go on for? Is there anything i can do to speed this up or move it along? can only walk a few hundred meters and that has not worked as yet any other ideas?

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    Argh I hate it when they give you a day or a time. It builds such anticipation and then anxiety when it doesn't happen. Of course, anxiety slows labour. No-one can predict a labour, EDD - it's crazy.

    Here are some articles:

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    Relax, try to find things to do to make this time pass and take your mind off things and trust your body and your baby to do things when the time is right. Being anxious and counting it all down will make it drag out
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