thread: emotional overload

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    May 2005

    emotional overload

    hi, i was just wondering if anyone else is going through/has been through this..i am nearly 36 weeks(doctor has said bub will prob be early)but for the last 3 days i have just felt like crying all the time, for no real reason..whenever i got my periods i was pretty teary and it feels like that..i have had a happy, pregnancy and am looking forward to meeting my little bub so am not sure why i feel like this..i figured its probably hormonal(am starting to get pimples again too)but i was just wondering if anyone else experienced this..and is it any indication that you may have bub soon???

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    Jan 2005
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    {{HUGS}} Christie.

    I recall feeling a bit weepy a few times toward the end of my PG's.
    Try and do something to spoil yourself, you deserve it.

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    Jan 2005

    yes, I have been like that on and off for the last fortnight at least. The slightest things will set it off. I too have had a really great pg and am looking forward to bubs sooo much - I htink its just hormonal overload.

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    I had this also during my pregnancy during the last 4-6 weeks.I also had pimple breakouts....not fun I know.I went a week overdue and had to be induced so its not really an indication of going early.I'd just let myself cry when I felt like that.Normally a ad on tv would set me off!

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    i would agree that it is probably hormonal. try to rest and relax

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    Feb 2004

    It all can be pretty overwhelming, and anything set me off! Probably no indication bubs is coming, I agree with Linda, rest and relax. Well try to at least!