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Thread: how long until labour????

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    Default how long until labour????


    As you can probably tell by the title, I am a VERY impatient person...LOL. I am due on 1st April and am currently 36 weeks today. I had my birth centre appt last night and the midwife was surprised that our little girl is actually engaged! She said that it is unusual for fourth babies to be engaged this early. Just wondering if this means that I will have bubby early or on her due date? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?? Any comments or experiences are welcome. TIA!

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    Just cause the baby has engaged doesnt mean labour will happen any time soon (sorry) I was engaged from 30wks with both my boys and had them both at 38 wks (induced), and I know of other peoples babies who engage and disengage quite often up till labour.


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    DD #2 was engaged from 32 weeks onwards. I was a bit like you and was excited (and anxious) as soon as i found this out, but she decided to come when we had planned anyway - on her due date. Im afraid Astrolady is right. Hang in there though, you aint got long to go.....really. At least she is in the correct possi....!!!!!

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    Thank you everyone for all your replies. I guess I should just be patient and wait for the birth of our little girl. As said, I don't really have that long to go, just the closer it gets, the more impatient I am....bring on this baby!!!!

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