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Thread: Evening primrose and RLT how much?

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    Question Evening primrose and RLT how much?

    Hi there ladies

    I brought some EPO last night they only had it in the 1000mg capsules though is this ok? Also I was wondering how much I should use if theres a limit or anything, 1000mgs seems like alot to me I dont know. I was hoping to have 1 orally and insert 1 at night everyday but that might be too much because of the mg's in each capsule? Can anyone help?

    Also I am getting some RLT this afternoon too is there a limit to how much of the tea I can drink?

    Thanks in advance!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    I took EPO 3 x times per day with food and they were 1000mgs.

    I also took RLT tablets. I took 3 tablets x 4 times per day...


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