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    I usually walk a lot at the end of my pregnancy, but this time we have moved into a new area and DH doesnt want me walking alone because of the really high crime rate. I can see his point so I was just wondering if riding an excercise bike would have the same benefits as walking for preparing the body for labour. Does anybody know? Ive been doing laps of the backyard, but apart from looking like a crazy person its SO boring!! I also have a sore back and pelvis so riding the bike is easier. With the amount of chocolate I've been eating I really need to work out. I've been doing light weights to keep toned but really need some light cardio.


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    could you find a local acquatic centre and walk some laps? I look ridiculous in my bathers and swimming cap but it's great excercise.....

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    Nat can you hire a walking-machine/treadmill short term?

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