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    False alarm- Help!

    Thursday night DH and i went to bed 1/2 hour later started getting strong pains across my lower abdomen didnt think they were BH as ive had BH and they feel more like period cramps, anyway it was soooooooo painful and it wouldnt go away so i thought i will get up get hot water bottle i couldnt stand up straight anyway didnt even make it to switch the kettle on to boil the water had to call hubby to wake up and call the hospital it was horrible while he was talking to the midwife over the phone i threw up all my dinner ( from the pain ) all over him ( poor DH ) and got the runs anyway they asked me to go in for a check up. I really thought this was it anyway they did an internal and i was 1.5cms dilated and they said were going to keep you in overnight and do another internal in the morning to see as you may be going into pre term labour as im only 36 weeks. They brought me two panadeine forte for the pain which helped so much within 20 minutes all the pain had gone! Was able to go home the next morning as they said i wasnt in labour.....this is what has me lost....dont you have to be in labour to start dilating? i havent had a show yet but even if they were strong Braxton Hicks can they make you dilate?? anyones thoughts or comments would make me feel a lot better thanks!

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    It's perfectly normal to dilate 1 or maybe 2 cm in late pg. Just think of it as 1.5cm less that you have to go when labour really does start.
    It just means that your cervix is softening and getting ready for the real thing.

    Good luck for the big day.

    Take care