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    Hi all,

    Im 29 weeks pregnant and over the past 5 weeks I have developed a very fast/rapid heartbeat and sometimes palpitations. I have been to a cardiologist and they have found no abnormalities..phew!! So at least I know Im not going to drop dead from a heart attack Is anyone experiencing this or something similar to this in their second & third trimesters?


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    Hi Renee

    Yes i have been feeling something similar. Maybe once or twice a day, i have only noticed it over the last month. I am 35 weeks pregnant and I havent mentioned it to my doctor yet. I was getting a little worried, but I have read that it is quite normal.

    I will definately mention in my next appointment though, just to ease my mind.

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    Hi Sammy,

    I would mention it to your doctor at your next appointment, but Im sure everything is fine...let me know how your go.
    My heartbeat is always fast unfortunately..but I guess bubba just needs more blood supply...I have also heard your heart pumps harder and faster during pregnancy.

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