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Thread: Feeling massive!!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Feeling massive!!!

    Does anyone else out there feel so darn huge that it makes them feel sick?!

    I am at the point now where I am so insanely uncomfortable it's not funny. I swear I am baking one mighty big bun in this oven!! Her 'guesstimates' put her at 7lb almost a week ago. Eeek! LOL

    I am finding myself feeling really sick every day now - I guess because there is no room. My heartburn medication has stopped working, which didn't happen when I was PG with Jacob - it was effective throughout the whole PG. Last night, I woke twice with vomit actually coming up into my mouth - YUCK. But the burning is horrendous....

    I find I am also having trouble breathing sometimes of all things - it's like there is just so much pressure on my poor ol' lungs.......particularly when I lay down.

    Sorry for the whinge (I've battled things this PG that I never thought imaginable and it's been very hard work for me physically) but I just wonder if anyone else feels this way?!?!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Can totally relate. Am feeling quite battered and bruised myself! LOL!At my 30-31 wk scan they estimated Jasmine to weigh just under 5lb!!EEKKKK!!!! I think they tell us just to scare us!ROFL!

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    I'm thinking I'll be lamenting the same way in about 10w time I am feeling very uncomfy now too, not fat, just everytime I do something I get the ole BH's starting up.
    I feel pathetic - soI can anticipate its only going to get worse.
    Sorry you are feeling so crap Melinda - I'm sure the size estimate is on the large side of things - I guess just be thankful its still pretty cool? Not that it gets THAT hot where you are anyway
    Oh well - not long now.

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    Definatly how i feel too. I had a scan at 30 weeks and they estimated he'd was 4lb12oz! My fundus height growth has slowed down a bit though so hopfully that is a good thing. But my belly is massive(see my website..) i can hardly move. He's already about 3/5 engaged too which is so uncomfortable. I can't even eat a full meal anymore because there's no room left, my stomach is all squashed. Heartburn is getting worse too.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Awww girls, hang in there, you've all done so well and should be mighty proud of yourselves

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    Yes totally agree with you. I feel so fat and unsexy. I do find it hard to breath sometimes too, even if I have only been sitting on the couch I get short of breath. I can't wait to get her out. I don't think my Df realises how physically exhausting it can be. I tell him to strap 10kg to his gut and try get around for the day and try to sleep. That shuts him up!

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    Hugs to all of you fabulous mums who are baking bubbies.

    I'm so sorry you're uncomfortable and suffering a bit. If I could take the weight off you for the night, I would. Be as strong as you can - you're producing the most beautiful baby each and every one of you. There's not much longer until your little treasures are in your arms.

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    Yep - me too!! Not long to go ladies.. then we will complaining about our post-pregnancy bodies! and we will be missing our bumps!

    The heartburn! I am over it !!

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    spreckemily Guest


    I am feeling like I have swallowed a bowling ball!!!!!!
    My estimate at 36 weeks was that bub was 6 pound!!!!

    I can't remember my daughter's childbirth, but I'm starting to get a teensy bit scared!!!!

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    Can I join the club too?
    I've got 4.4 kg's of babies in here, and still 2 weeks to go! I waddle everywhere, & DH teases me about being a buddha! Plus I hate not being able to see my feet! The heartburn is getting worse, and my asthma is too.
    I can't wait till they're born & I can give them a cuddle (I am so over being pg!)

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    spreckemily Guest


    oohhh!!! Karla. are you having twins or more??? I am 39 +1 and I can't remember when I last saw my feet ROFL!!!

    COngrats on your instant little family what a beautiful miracle!!

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    Hello spreckemily,
    Yeah I'm having twins. They really will be wonderful when they come out, but I can't wait for it to happen!

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    spreckemily Guest


    Congrats Karla!!!!

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    I'm feeling huge today, its like overnight my belly expanded. I've been having tightenings all week & this arvo my belly is rock hard and feels like its being stretched to the limit... how many weeks ahead I can wait but yuck....

    I've been pretty sick after most meals, I can't eat too much without feeling bloated & nauseous.

    My fundal height has been over 4 weeks ahead for the entire 3rd trimester...I hope this little girl slows down a bit before October

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    Default 28 weeks and counting

    Glad I'm not the only one feeling fat, uncomfortable, breathless and sick! I'm so much bigger this time round (3rd baby). I'm sure this little man cooking inside is going to be massive. Thankfully I'm having a c-section at 39 weeks, which means I only have 11 weeks to go....YAY! But I definately want to get to 39 weeks. My last child (8years ago) came early (36weeks) and it was pretty scary. and I don't want a repeat performance. So I will put up with the sickness, breathlessness and feeling uncomfortable...just to get to delivery date. Remind me of that when I'm whinging again will you. lol


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    spreckemily Guest


    Don't worry about it Vicky. I have 4 days to go and I'm almost pulling my hair out!!!

    Just think of that little human you will hold in your arms and it will ALL be worth it.

    Good luck with your CS and getting to 39 weeks

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