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Thread: Feeling really really pregnant!

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    this might sound a bit strange, but i'm beginning to feel really really pregnant! what i mean is, i can no longer reach down to grab things, i cant curl up on the couch, i find it hard to roll over in bed without moaning and groaning and having to stop on my back for a quick breather before continuing the roll! i miss being able to lay on my back and sleep! i'm finding it harder to do simple headchecks in the car when driving.. ohh the list goes on...

    i said all this to mum the other day, and i realised that im at the point of what ive always imagined pregnancy to be like!!! its been easy street up untill now, and i always wondered what all the fuss was about sore backs, swollen ankles, disrupted sleep etc... now i really do understand!!

    having said all this, i wouldnt change it for the world, and i simply can't wait to meet our baby girl! i find myself getting more and more impatient about becoming a mum... i just want to cuddle her now!! i still have 9 weeks to go, i dont know how i will last!


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    OMG Rachy - I was thinking the EXACT same thing these past few days. You can never really get the whole 'pregnant' thing until you experience it (like most things I guess).

    The strange thing I'm finding is that although I'm sleeping through I have to wake up to roll over and the whole time I'm asleep I'm not comfortable. In fact I can't get comfy at all any where!!!

    I am the same though - i can't wait to meet my little man and I'm so excited about it!! And I have a bit longer to wait then you as well!!

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    I've been feeling the exact same way for the last few weeks but since I only have 3.5 weeks to go I figured it was about time I got some of the bad things that are supposed to happen to pregnant women. It's almost embarrasing how easy this pg has been so far. I've been as fit as a horse right through (I didn't even get morning sickness!).

    I've decided that the extreme discomfort of the last trimester is mother nature's way of making us look forward to labour. I reckon if I was still feeling the same as I did in my second trimester the idea of all that pain and hard work would be really scary. But now with my swollen feet, sore hips, frequent toilet stops, difficulty walking, interrupted sleep and general tiredness I'm very much looking forward to giving birth. Plus I really, really want to meet my baby!

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