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Thread: feeling sick at night

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    Default feeling sick at night

    In the last few days, every time I lie down in bed I just feel like I am going to be sick! Especially when I roll over and change sides that I am sleeping on! I have been very spoilt this pregnancy in terms of morning sickness so I shouldn't complain too much. I've been trying to eat earlier and earlier but nothing seems to change it. Is this because of the position of the baby or is it just because everything is squished in there!

    Anyone else suddenly experience this in the last three weeks?

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    Lesh, it could be due to the baby squishing your tummy, or it could be due to higher hormones prior to labour. Most likely it is a bit of both. I didn't have that symptom myself but I found the last 4 weeks the hardest with both pgs. With DS1 I was big, hot and uncomfortable. With DS2, he arrived 3.5 weeks early after 4 days of vomitting. I think most of us find the end the hardest. I hope that your little bundle arrives soon - believe me, as long and uncomfortable as these last few days are, you will soon forget after you have a beautiful baby in your arms. Big hugs and best of luck to you.

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