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Thread: Feeling unwell, can i pass on anything to baby.

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    Question Feeling unwell, can i pass on anything to baby.

    Hi again,

    I have a cold, including a sore and croaky throat and was just wondering if anyone can tell me or knows from there own previous experience if when I deliver my baby if he will be unwell also. It sounds silly I know but just parranoid that when he is born that I will pass on my cold to him.

    Hope someone can help answer my question. TIA.


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    Bubs will be fine in there, but make sure that you don't get dehydrated, especially now it is getting hot. Bubs could possibly get it once he's born if you still have it, but if you are BF then he should be protected by your breastmilk in theory. Just ensure that you wash your hands all the time and all the usual stuff to try to stop him getting it. Fingers crossed he stays just a little bit longer in there so you can try to get rid of it first. Good luck!

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