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Thread: Feels like a knife in my vee jay jay

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    Unhappy Feels like a knife in my vee jay jay

    I have been getting pains like this for the last few weeks but when I got up for a wee at 3am I got them while sitting on the toilet and had to sit there for 10min until they went away. I have also been getting them all day today, is this a normal preg symptom? It literally feels like someone is stabbing me up there with a blade Today has been the worse day for it and I thought I was going into labour, I hope labour hurts a little less though

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    Yep, I had the same thing for the last few weeks of my prg with DD. It was soooo bad. Sometimes I couldn't even walk it was that painful.

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    I had it too. Nasty it is

    I remember walking along the street and had a feeling like I had been stabbed in the twat with a skewer. I could barley walk in a straight line. Then as quickly it was gone!

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