thread: a few concerns

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    a few concerns

    So as i get closer to this lil one making his entrance i have a few questions

    My last OB appt said he was well place head down, will i know if he has moved? and if has moved by my next appt ( the 27th of april ill be 37 weeks 3 days) what will happen?

    Ive noticed that i always feel like he is going to burst out of me like i need a loo attached to my butt. and that when i walk or turn over in bed that down there it hurts and it feels like my bones arent together is that normal?

    Also ive noticed the last day or so i feel like i need to always do a # 2 TMI i know sorry

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    He may flip - but then he could flip again. Just pay attention to the little feet - they will get caught up in different places if he moves. You may notice them in your ribs now - with one I had them around the hips until the last week and he flipped and engaged.

    Relaxins allow your pelvis to separate so baby can fit through. There is a condition however - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - where the relaxins go overboard and it causes pain in the pelvic region. There is a couple of threads in "Medical conditions during pregnancy" you can check out for symptoms of SPD or its bigger badder brother DSP.

    The constant need to do number 2 could be baby sitting posterior and on your bowel. Might be worth asking the ob next time if it is - there are some techniques to try and help him turn anterior which is optimal for birthing. --- You can birth a posterior baby, I've done two, but it is murder on the back during labour.

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    Spinning babies website is worth checking if you are worried about bubs position.