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Thread: Fibroids? Anyone?

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    Default Fibroids? Anyone?

    I am almost 29 weeks prego.

    I have been having lots of fibroid issues coming up this past few weeks. I have a couple of these suckers and 1 is quite large and continuing to grow around 8cm now. This one is on the left side and has been paining like crazy, like really bad pain, like I feel like I am dying or losing the baby kind of pain.

    I went to hospital on weekend and then back on Monday for more tests, ultrasound, and to see my own ob gyn. Basically said the fibroid is degenerating, that the pain can be as severe as a kidney stone and that it will take about 10 days for it to die. I think the worst pain is overwith and I survived without being admitted to hospital and getting morphine which is good.

    I guess I wonder what does it mean after it dies?? Where does it go and what impact does it have on the baby and devlivery and all of that??

    I am curious to hear other people's both great and horror stories about fibroids and the impact on them and the baby.

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    Default dear friends!!!

    I've had them for a few years.

    About 5 years ago my fibroids were causing ++heavy periods, anaemia, etc. so I had to have them embolised. This is basically when the blood supply to them is blocked (by injecting little microspheres), which then causes them to degenerate and die.

    I was on heaps of pethidine whilst they were dying as it was supposedly very painful (I didn't really feel it as the pethidine was working wonders!!!) Basically they just shrivelled up to nothing and didn't cause me anymore problems. I can't even see these ones in my current ultrasounds so I guess they shrivel down to basically nothing...and perhaps leave a tiny bit of scar biggest one was 5cm.

    You've done amazingly well to cope with the degeneration without painkillers...WELL DONE!!! I imagine, that yours will be much like mine when they degenerated...just shrivelled up to nothing.

    I've now got a couple more...thankfully they haven't impacted upon the pregnancy as I can't really answer your questions. I was told that they probably won't impact.

    Apparently at least 30% of woman have fibroids, many of which develop during pregnancy due to the hormone influx. From what I understand, most of them don't cause problems!

    I remember seeing a thread on fibroids and delivery just within the last few weeks...maybe do a search on the BB site and see what you can find...

    Anyway...wishing you all the very best!

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    oh i had this happen i think i was about 28 weeks (mine was about the same size as yours) i went to hospital it was agony, i had pethadine too. it had no effect on oscar or delivery. good luck, very ouchy

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    Default I feel your pain!

    Hi there,

    I am apparently also suffering with a fibroid. It started like a funny stitch type feeling which i thought was just normal ligament stretching. However it got so bad one night that i couldn't really walk properly. I went to my ob the next day who said it was my fibroid 'playing up' with no further explanation really. I have since looked into it a bit more and have been to see my local GP. It is now nearly 3 weeks later and i'm still suffering the pain - some days are worse than others and it does seem to be brought on by sitting for long periods of time or walking. Also my little baby seems to love kicking me right in that particular spot!!
    I have also heard that a fibroid can twist - not sure if this is right but mine certainly feels like a twisting / twang type pain at times. I have also had accompanying period type cramps. I'd be happier if it would just degenerate and go away!!
    I hope yours has gone away - would love to know how you are getting on.

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    Default response and update

    my fibroid degenerated to about 1/2 the size. it still pains me but not like when it was dengerating
    i find when i cough, strain, sneeze, blow nose as the worst. sometimes it just aches for awhile. the heating pad helps a little as well as resting.

    good luck with yours!!

    i am 34 weeks now

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