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    Hello there,

    This is the first time on this forum for me and I have a few questions. I am nearly 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Firstly, my bub is very active and I wondered if anyone else's baby is the same at this stage. Yesterday I had an appt with the midwife and the baby's heartrate was really high for a while (195) since she was moving so much. Once she settled down, the heartrate settled to 140 so I was allowed to go home. The midwife said she just seems to be a busy baby but I can't help worrying!

    Any comments would be appreciated!

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    I would say that it was just a coincidence that the baby was moving heaps at the time she put the doppler on to get the heartbeat kwim? I think everything will be fine with your little one and she just likes to have a boogie in there.

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    I am 33 weeks, 1 day and for the past week, bubs has been going non stop. Not as many kicks but heaps of rolling movements and sometimes it feels like it is doing a big stretch. Weird, thought it would be slowing down now........
    I go to the Obs on Wednesday but he was happy with everything 2 weeks ago, so I am assuming all is still fine.........

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    I have an extremely active baby too. My friends talk about feeling their baby mostly when they lie down at night but mine moves so much through the day and night!!

    When the ob asks about foetal movement at each visit I say the baby moves all the time and he says thats fine.

    So we just have active little ones

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    Some baby's do move a lot and this is quite normal. The heartrate of 195 is not a worry as it is very normal for the rate to go up when your baby is moving

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    My bub has been very active the whole way for me too! From 30 weeks, bub has been awake with me and doesnt stop all day and at this stage I would have thought the movements would have slowed down too!
    Good luck!

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    When every I go for ultrasounds my baby is either asleep through the whole thing and u cant do anything or jumping around like a mad man. I found the longer u sit there calm, the baby will eventually get tired and drift off to sleep. An the other hand when I was pregnant with my daughter, she decided when everything is calm she would kick up a storm in there ( and she still does).

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    my bub was active even through my birth, I was at hospitol once as I had to be monitored after a car accident and the nurses were surprised at how active my bub was, they said it must have been from the choc but i knew it was his active time. so dont worry

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    I am now 381/2 weeks and my bub has never stopped wriggling, kicking, rolling,etc. I was worried at first when people would say your baby will start to slow down now and mine hasnt but its fine and it just means he is healthy and very active.

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