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Thread: Frequency of Doctors Visits after 32weeks?

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    Default Frequency of Doctors Visits after 32weeks?

    Hi All

    Just after a bit of advice of frequency of doctors visits after 32weeks. I saw my doctor last week at 32 weeks and she told me to make my next appointment in either 5 or 6 weeks (my choice).

    I am however in Europe but cant imagin this making much of a difference care wise. I was in Oz from 22wks until 31wks where I was being seen every 2weeks from 28weeks.

    Should I question my doctor? Is there a need to be seen more frequently? I have had no complications so far and feel good in myself.

    I just scares me that the next time I see her I will be 38wks :shock:

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks All

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    Your doctor may just think your fine to go that long however in australia after 32 weeks it's usually every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then every week until you have the baby, thats how it went for me anyway. So maybe question her if you feel its too long.

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    I was 30 weeks at my last appoint and she said she wanted me fortnightly. My preg has been prob. free like previous two and was tempted to do another 4 weeks but have to have 32 weeks scan re renal pelvis dialation so thought I had better stick to her schedule. I think it can depend on the Dr. If it was me I would maybe go back at 36 weeks(4 wk from last appoint) just to ease my mind. Do you have to be tested for group strep which is usually done around 36 weeks?

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    I was reasonably complication free, although had a few scares, but nonethe less was told to come in only occassionally after 32 weeks, think I only had 2 appointments after. i preferred it that way anyway, as they only freak you out I found!!

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    I am 30 weeks and at my last app he changed me from monthly to fortnightly then from 36 weeks he wants to see me weekly. I spose if yours is complication free like Meg - then i spose every thing will be fine.
    I am only ever in there for 2 minutes!!! take my wee in and get my BP done! then he feels my stomach and i'm gone!

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    i am 32 weeks now and saw my GP this week. He will then see me at 34 then 36 weeks then every week after that. It was the same with my other two pregnancies too.

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