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Thread: Fundal height - 40cm at 37 weeks

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    Default Fundal height - 40cm at 37 weeks

    40cm at 37 weeks - Is that big? Ive got GD and doing an ultrasound this week too.

    Also bub is still high up and if my waters break I have to go to hospy IMMEDIATELY! as chord can prolapse.

    Also tummy been feeling strange after my visit today. Doc did press in and feel baby so wondering if its just that.

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    Don't worry about it. The measurement is just the top of your uterus and not an indicator of the baby's size. Once baby engages you will find that the measurement has dropped too. Your tummy might feel strange just becuase they were palpating it (pressing on it)

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    hi try not to worry to much i am 36 weeks and messuring 44 i am haveing a sizing scan this afternoon but i dont have GD or any other complications but i am expecting a big bub as last two were 9lbs 2oz and 9lbs 11oz just hopeing this one isnt much bigger lol.

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