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Thread: gallbladder problems....

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    Hey girls

    Just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has had/has gallbladder problems that only showed up in the last tri. Have had a heap of bloodtests to check my gallbladder and liver function and I have a hunch that it is my gallbladder causing me all this greive!!

    Also wondering what they did for you...especially if the pains/attacks got progessively worse??

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    Kaydee (Feb buddies) has galls stones ATM, and i think from memory started having attacks soon after she had Ben and she now has to have surgery.

    Not sure about treatment during pg, but most of the time they have to be removed. My Mum suffered with them for years and she eventually had 99 removed.

    For the meantime, try to avoid foods that can trigger an attack - fatty greasy fried foods and some spicy foods. But this could be different for averyone.

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