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Thread: Gas bubbles? Help plz

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    Default Gas bubbles? Help plz

    HI, i'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I think it's like gas bubbles in my chest, it's kind of like gurgelling or fluttering in my chest and then i tend to burp alot. It starts from my stomach and goes through my ribs and chest it's a wierd feeling. I've never had it before so i assume it's from being pregnant....does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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    Are you experiencing heartburn? Maybe drink some milk ... see if that helps.

    Else try calling your hospital etc?

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    being that your stomach is so far north, i assume it is gas but would ask the dr just in case. any other symptoms maybe alarming being close to heart...

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    Thanks to the extra progesterone runnign around your body it likes to relax the top sphincta of your stomach. The one the closes and keeps all that yukky stuff in.

    I have been burping like a trooper for weeks now, and also suffer from heart burn. Unfortunately for me its a symptom I get used to. If I can't cope with it I suck on a mylanta tablet. Which is perfectly safe.

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