thread: GD - what to expect (appts and monitoring)?

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    GD - what to expect (appts and monitoring)?

    Just quickly, I was told this morning I have GD. I have my appointment with the diabetes educator on Tuesday, and the Obs mentioned increased monitoring and appointments, but they also crapped on about some other things that ended up making me cranky so I just wanted to leave and I forgot to ask what I really want to know, which is...

    What do I expect regarding the number of appointments and extra monitoring?

    I had a c/s last time, so from now (almost 28 weeks) I am on fortnightly appointments until 36 weeks and then weekly appointments. Are the diabetes dr appointments and extra monitoring usually in addition to the usual appointments? And what monitoring is usually involved? I know BSL will be monitored, but do they do other monitoring as well, like regular CTGs? And are these extra appointments and monitoring conditional - is it only if I can't control the GD with diet and exercise? Or are they standard?


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    You will have additional appointments with the GD doctor. You will have a finger ***** machine and it will really only be an issue if you are not staying within the limits with diet modification. If you can't stay in the limits, then you will move onto insulin. I was on a large amount of insulin and only had CTG monitoring after 38 weeks as a compromise to induction.

    If your BSL's are easily controlled, then you can probably ring in the GD appointments - they are a PITA when you are working.

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    I also had diabetes appointments in addition to OB appointments. I was also on large amounts of insulin.

    I had monitoring biweekly from 33 weeks that included a scan to check fluid levels. I was induced at 38 weeks and while I ended up with a CS it was not from being induced or the GD.

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    I've had gd twice now.

    you usually have an appt with an endo as well as your normal appts. I had an extra scan with both pg to check growth, cord function and fluid levels. the growth is obviously hit and miss but the other things are good to check.

    how many times per day you have to check bsl seems to depend on the doctor/hospital but I had to do it 4 times. as pp said, if the bsl can't be controlled through diet then you may need insulin. if you go on insulin they're cautious about letting you go past the 40 weeks. the hospital was more cautious with my first pg and I had ctg monitoring from about 36 weeks - once a week initially and then twice in the last week. this time they didn't worry. I was induced at 40 weeks with my ds but they were happy to let me go a bit longer this time and I went into labour spontaneously.

    I was on insulin both times but not huge doses. sometimes it doesn't matter how 'good' your diet is, your bsl still go up. I never found it to be a huge deal. sure, I had more appts than I would have preferred,but mine were always on the same day as my ob clinic (public hospital) so out just meant a bit more waiting. I think I was on fortnightly appts until 36 weeks and then weekly, although I think the endo appts stayed as fortnightly. the endo appts were really low key - they would just look over my levels since I'd last been in and,then either adjust my insulin or say I was fine. they told me when/how to adjust my doses this time because I was (in their words) 'an,old hand'.

    are you going public? I found that the younger obs/registrars were more cautious but the older ones were pretty relaxed. but that was at a tertiary hospital so nothing really throws them, itms?

    good luck

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    GD - what to expect (appts and monitoring)?

    This is my 3rd pregnancy and third time with GD and I'm on insulin too. I went private with #1 & 2 but public this time round. So far I am amazed by the wonderful service I receive from both the Endos & Obs I see.

    Every 4 weeks from week 7 (I was diagnosed early) until 28 weeks I see the endocrinologist and Obstretician. From 30 weeks it will be fortnightly visits and then weekly.

    With DS1 I was induced 9 days past my due date. I just had CGT monitoring daily and about 3 extra scans during the pregnancy to check growth and so forth.

    With DS2 I was induced a few days before my due date as I was on about 60 units of insulin which my Ob thought was high.

    DS3 due end of Nov and I'm already on about 60 units a day - no matter my diet my levels just eon't drop. Not sure how far past my due date they will let me go. And I have an extra growth scan booked in a couple of weeks.

    Hope this helps.