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    Just a quick post probably just thinking out loud lol. Was just reading an article in the latest new idea magazine on mothers and how often we are scrutinised on certain aspects of our pregnancy/mothering such as age, single parenting etc. It was really refreshing to finally read an article that was on our side and actually praising our efforts as mothers whether doing it with our partners or as a single parent. I feel its high time that people put those sterio types to rest i reckon, and finally acknowledge all the things we do. Although i am only pregnant with my first child, i can only hope that i will be half as good a mother as the majority that i have met including the fantastic women that are on here. Anyway this is just a bit of a rant but I still think it was a really interesting article.

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    sounds like a good article! im REALLY sick of being stereo typed, im going to be a single mother, and I CHOSE that, as its going to be 100% better for me and my baby. i dont have ANY problem with it and really sick of people saying otherwise! partner or no partner im sure we are going to be all great mothers!

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