thread: Groin/Pelvic Pain

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    Groin/Pelvic Pain

    This may seem like a strange question I know but I was wondering if this is something that actually happens or something I should be concerned about.

    Last night I had terrible trouble getting comfy in bed to get some sleep – nothing unusual there! I also had pretty bad pelvic/groin pain as well. Usually I’ll get that off and on but this was constant. That area also feels as it could be swollen, it is definitely ‘puffier’ that it normally is (hope you all know that area I am talking about! Ummm… where the ‘mound’ is?)

    So, is this normal for the stage of pregnancy I am at? (31 weeks)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Has your baby turned head down? If so that could be causing the pelvic discomfort. Remember that you have a head in there now Also bub could be resting on a nerve maybe encourage bub to move alittle and see if it eases up. It's normal to be puffier down there. I think it has to do with the extra pressure and blood flow you have down there. I swear by the end of pg it ends up looking grose. Maybe thats why we have a huge belly so that we can't see over it and look whats happening to our bodies Also if bubs head is down there you have to expect things to get a little bulgier.

    I guess if you are in real pain or disomfort go and see your Dr or midwife.

    Take care

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    Trish has pretty much hit it on the head. Remember that you also have a heap of the hormone 'relaxin' flowing through your body which relaxes all your ligaments and joints so they are flexible for the birth. Also plays havoc before the birth as your body is able to move into positions it doesn't usually do.

    Hope you are ok - please see a doctor if you are still concerned.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Nell,
    The only suggestion I have is to maybe go and talk to your physio. I was also having severe pelvic and groin pain, to the point of it being hard to walk. The pysio advised for me to hire this support 'belt' thing. It is made of wide strong elastic, and you wear it low around your hips. It basically helps hold things in a bit more, especially when the pressure of bubs is strecthing and pushing at your pelvis etc.


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    Ambah, you just reminded me!! (I must have a pregnant brain lol!!)

    I wore one of those belts too as I couldn't walk very far without lots of pain and it helped IMMENSELY

    Good suggestion Ambah!!