thread: Group B streptococcus (GBS)

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    Group B streptococcus (GBS)


    Has anyone had the test for this i read on an american website that this test is usually done between 35-37 weeks but my midwife or obstetrician hasnt mentioned it to me? It iis some bacteria than can be passed on to the baby from the vagina during labour if the mother is infected of course.

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    In our hospital everyone had it done... its a vaginal swab that they do and if you are positive you are supposed to go on antibiotics, so its worthwhile checking with your OB or midwife.

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    I spoke to BellyBelly's website Ob, Dr Nick Lolatgis about this as there can be some confusion when some Ob's test for Strep B and others don't. This can cause some mothers-to-be to panic when they think their Ob might be missing out an important part of their care.

    Dr. Lolatgis is one who does not routinely test for Strep B. He said that while you might test for Strep B in pregnancy and it may turn out negative at the time, it still can occur after that test is done. So what he and some other Obs do is wait until the mother is in labour and decide from there.

    There are some cases where he will always give i/v antibiotics, where it is more likely to involve infection, e.g. if waters have broken for some time, and other cases which I forget with my nappy brain but I think you get my drift! So while some doctors will do it routinely in pregnancy, some others will not for this reason. If you are concerned, speak to your Ob/midwife in any case.
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    My Dr did get me tested for group B strep... and it turns out I was positive, but I did not find this out until after Aidyn was born.
    Is it the mother or the baby that gets the anibiotics??
    I honestly can't recall if they were added to my drip, or if something was given to Aidyn?? #-o