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Thread: Had a stretch & sweep today

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    Default Had a stretch & sweep today

    Me again... I posted this in labour and birth as well..just wanted to get some extra help here.

    Ok so my update. Well I am not very happy as per usual today. I have spent all day out of the house so I dont get all depressed and anxious again. I went and has my S&S this morning bt it wasnt very successful. Apparently my cervix is still quite high and up around the back a bit. So things are probably not going to happen for a while. I am not even hopeful that things will happen before next week to be honest. He did what he could but said he could only just get in there and stretched it a bit but dont think he could do much. I mean hopefully just the fact he was in there and doing something has got things moving. God this sux. Not even a s&s seems to want to work!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

    I dont know what is going on with baby either. I am told now it's not really posterior. A little to the right side but he wouldn't say posterior. But now he is saying head isnt very low. Which confuses the hell out of me cos the midwife said it was 4/5 in on Wednesday! So wtf do I beleive. Which end of the bloody stick do I grab?? I am feeling disheartened now and worry that labour will just never get to start naturally becuase oh how high my cervix is.

    And I assume it has to drop and open for anything to begin. Labour wont begin unless cervix is ready.

    Anyway, i have to go be monitored tomorrow at the hospital just as a routine cos I will be a week overdue. Just a ctg. And then have my usual midwife appt on Wednesday. He said he will probably do another internal then and try to do another sweep then. God here's hoping what he did today makes a difference and that when Wednesday the sweep is easy peasy and then labour can start!

    Send me all the LV you can spare ladies and send me heaps of ripening cervix vibes too please

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    sending you oodles of labour vibes and cervix ripening vibes. i'm sure your baby will be with you very soon.

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    Sending lots of labour vibes for you Lisa!!


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