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Thread: haemorroids???

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    julesy Guest

    Unhappy haemorroids???

    OK, I know it's an icky subject, but does anyone else have hemorroids? I was fine up until about a week ago, now they seem to have appeared without warning!! I know they can be due to bubs putting so much pressure on your pelvic floor and rectum (I'm doing my exercises too...), but I really thought the major cause was constipation, of which (thankfully) I have none...

    My question is this...if anyone else has them, how are you treating them? They are not bleeding or red, just a bit sore that's all. I've tried putting witch hazel on them to soothe the area which helps, but haven't tried anything else. Isn't there some kind of cream on the market?

    Honestly! I'm so close and now this has popped up!! Oh the frustration!!


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    Apparently in about 7 months I will be a qualified midwife - yikes!


    Julesy - I went through an entire pregnancy and delivery with none and then towards the end of my pregnancy with No 2, thanks to a really bad bout of the runs I got the dreaded roid!

    After delivery of my 2nd they did flare up, but I had daily salt baths and applied anusol cream and they reduced really quickly. Unfortunately mine have flared up again at the moment thanks to not drinking enough water etc etc.

    Unfortunately you are definately not alone!

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    I have also nearly got to the end of my 2nd pg and found myself with an unwanted new symptom! Mine are also from pressure I think as I haven't been constipated - weird, with pg no 1 I was constipated and didn't get them!!!!

    I believe the creams you can use during pg only help the symptoms - there are a couple that are safe. The pharmacist would be able to help you. I've just been using anusol wipes and they have eased the discomfort (These are safe too).

    I hope they heal for you soon!

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    I asked my O/b when I got one, and he said that there is a lot of things you can use that are safe during pg, just ask your chemist. He also said that if they get really bad, then they need to be checked out. I've been lucky & mine has disappeared, so fingers crossed that yours go too before the birth!

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    julesy Guest


    Thanks girls...

    Still have them, but they are not too bad. I am due today, and have had a show (but only because of the internal my OB gave me on Friday...) I am hoping that once the pressure has gone (ie I don't have a baby in my tummy!!!), they will abate with little intervention...

    Thanks for the advice. Will everyone please send 'delivery and good labour' vibes my way?? Am SO ready to have this baby!!! I am going to a movie today to try and jinx myself and get things going... lets hope it works!


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