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Thread: has anyone had a ruptured membrane????

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    Exclamation has anyone had a ruptured membrane????

    ok thurs night 7 pm I ruptured my membrane, and since then the fluid has been just trickling and I had had severe 'period like' pains at night. I am getting contradicting evidence as to how long you can safely go without getting an infection, as the midwives told me up to 90 hours, but i feel they are just trying to sell me on the idea as the beds aare full but I really dont want to get any effection.

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    It is possible towait quite a while between ROM and going into labour.
    They usually start you on IV antibiotics after about 12 hours or so to prevent infection.
    Try and do alot of walking - preferably up stairs to help get things moving along because after a while they might want to induce you.

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    as dachlostar said rom doesn't mean you will go into labour straight away. i was always told iv antibiotics within 24 hours post rupture if no onset of labour but i know hospitals do vary in this, be very careful with your downstairs hygiene - change pad regularly, wash regularly, be extra careful when doing number 2 - good luck, hopefully you will have your little one soon.

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