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Thread: Have the contractions been doing anything?

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    Default Have the contractions been doing anything?

    My last appt with OB was on Thursday when I had a s&s. Since then, I've lost my plug (from what I can tell) and have had contractions on and off since Saturday. They're different from what I thought were BH contractions...

    My BH contractions (i think) were when my stomach got really tight and hard all over, and would last for over a minute. They weren't painful at all, sometimes the only way I knew they were happening was because I could feel how hard my tummy was.

    The contractions/cramps I've been having since Saturday have been different- they'll continue regularly (6-8mins) for a couple of hours and then stop. Sometimes they are *really* painful, but most of the time they are like a wave of a cramp going from my back, to my belly button, and then back again. My pelvis usually gets a fair 'stabbing pressure' in it as well. Although not take-your-breath-away painful, I definitely can't sleep through them.

    What are the chances that these are 'real' contractions? Do you think they're doing anything? I'm starting to get really tired. My OB appt is tomorrow so I'll ask her then, but just wondering if anyone has had this experience?


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    It sounds like prelabour. And yes, they are quietly working away to get things ready. Your cervix has a lot of work to do before it can start to dilate. I know they are annoying, but take heart that they are helping

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    It's really frustrating isn't it? But so amazing all the same - your body is doing a wonderful job of preparing to birth your baby.

    I had 4 or 5 days of prelabour and I know exactly what you mean, it was very tiring and testing, and hard not to go into a negative headspace. Try to rest up, stay hydrated and eat well, and really surrender to your body. I posted a very similar kind of post about 3 days into my prelabour and (I wish a I could remember - I think RoyalUK?) replied reminding me I was doing a marathon, not a sprint race, and the warm up was just as important as the finish. I also found once I acknowledged my fears outloud (intensity, would I cope, being a new mom etc etc) I was really able to just surrender to what was happening. FWIW after my 5 days of warm up my labour/birth ended up happening rather quickly as my body had geared itself up so beautifully.

    Good luck and can't wait to see your BA

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